自1927年起,美国时代周刊「TIME」每年年底都会评选出对世界最具影响力的「年度人物(Person of the Year)」,其中的评选对象不仅仅局限于个人,也可以是团体,某个概念或者某项运动等。

Every year since 1927, TIME has chosen a Person of the Year, identifying the person or group of people who, for better or worse, had the greatest influence on the events of the year.



揭露了各行各业性骚扰和性侵事件的“打破沉默者”(The Silence Breakers)当选2017年度人物。

In 2017, TIME's Person of the Year was the Silence Breakers, the men and women who spoke out about sexual harassment and assault across industries


Voting for the 2018 Time Person of the Year online reader poll closed on Thursday, and the winner is: Korean boy band BTS.


While TIME's editors will ultimately decide who is named the 2018 Person of the Year, the poll provides valuable insight and gives readers a chance to weigh in with their pick.


TIME's choice for the 2018 Person of the Year will be revealed on December 11.


See the results below.




K-Pop Sensation BTS Wins Reader's Poll for TIME Person of the Year

Korean boy band BTS has won the online reader's poll for TIME's Person of the Year, beating out other artists, world leaders and politicians among those who voted.



抖音海外版TikTok为何能取得成功一文中“I experienced a bizarre sensation”,“我经历了一种奇怪的感觉”;

昨天在最近,现代版QQ秀「ZEPETO」火了一文中“Zepeto has become the latest overnight sensation in China”,今天出现的“K-Pop Sensation”的含义与此类似。

1)表示“(感官的)感觉;(尤指)触觉”,英文解释为“a feeling that you get from one of your five senses, especially the sense of touch”,如:a sensation of heat 一种灼热感;

2)表示“(由某一事件、经历或记忆引起的难以描述的)感受,感觉,英文解释为“a feeling that is difficult to describe, caused by a particular event, experience, or memory”,如:strange/curious/odd sensation;

3)表示“轰动,激动;引起轰动的人或事”,英文解释为“extreme excitement or interest, or someone or something that causes this”,如:cause/create a sensation 造成轰动/引起轰动,the latest pop sensation from England 来自英格兰的引起轰动的最新流行歌曲。

beat sb out

表示“战胜,打败”,英文解释为“to defeat someone or do better than them in a competition, sport, or business”,举个:

They beat out several other rivals for the contract.


The seven-member K-Pop band — which includes members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook — held on to their long lead in the poll.


百科介绍:防弹少年团(BTS)是BigHit Entertainment于2013年6月13日推出的韩国男子演唱组合,由金南俊、闵玧其、金硕珍、郑号锡、朴智旻、金泰亨、田柾国7位成员组成。


Planet Earth narrowly trailed BTS in the poll. With millions of votes cast, BTS outpaced Planet Earth by 0.12%.


表示“(在体育比赛、竞赛或选举中)落后(于),失败”,英文解释为“to be losing in a game, competition, or election”,举个:

The Democrats are trailing (behind) the Republicans in the opinion polls.


作动词还表示“拖,拉”,英文解释为:to (allow something to) move slowly along the ground or through the air or water, after someone or something. 个:

Katherine, your skirt's trailing in the mud!


还有“行动拖沓;疲惫地走;没精打采地行走,慢吞吞地走(在后面)”的意思,英文解释为:to move slowly and without energy or enthusiasm. 个:

The delegates trailed back into the conference room for the afternoon session.


作名词则表示“小路,小径”,如:a forest/mountain trail 林间/山间小道,以及“臭迹;踪迹;痕迹;蛛丝马迹,线索”等意思(the smell or series of marks left by a person, animal, or thing as it moves along;various pieces of information that together show where someone you are searching for has gone)个:

The dogs are trained to follow the trail left by the fox.


除了trail本身作动词可以表示追踪之外,作名词也有个短语:be on the trail of sb/sth“(循线索)追踪,追捕某人/某物”to be trying to find someone or something by getting information about them.


此处作为副词,表示“ 勉强地;差一点儿”,英文解释为“only by a small amount”,举个:

She narrowly missed winning the race.


narrow本身作形容词表示“狭窄,狭隘的,有限的”等,如:a narrow bridge/passage/gap 狭窄的桥梁/通道/缝隙,a narrow face 瘦长的脸;

还可以指“勉强的,差距微小的”,英文解释为“If you have a narrow victory, you succeed in winning but only by a small amount.”举个:

Voters approved the plan by a narrow majority.



· narrow victory/defeat/majority/margin


· a narrow escape表示“死里逃生”(a situation in which you avoid danger although you very nearly do not) 举个:

We got out in time but it was a narrow escape.


· a narrow squeak表示“险胜,侥幸成功”(a success that was almost a failure)举个:

We caught the ferry but it was a narrow squeak.


· narrow-minded(adj.)表示“心胸狭窄的,气量小的”(not willing to accept ideas or ways of behaving that are different from your own ),如:narrow-minded opinions/views 狭隘的观点,a narrow-minded person 心胸狭窄的人

与之相反的是:broad-minded 心胸宽广的。


表示“超过”,英文解释为“To outpace someone or something means to perform a particular action faster or better than they can.”举个:

The Japanese economy will continue to outpace its foreign rivals for years to come.



The Thai cave divers finished third. Other top finishers: South Korean president Moon Jae-in; undocumented children; former First Lady Michelle Obama; Mohammed Bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia embroiled in controversy over the past few months for his alleged involvement in the brutal murder of Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi; Brazil's new president Jair Bolsonaro; Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

crown prince

表示“王储”,英文解释为“A crown prince is a prince who will be king of his country when the present king or queen dies.”如:the crown prince's palace 这位王储的宫殿。

背景:沙特阿拉伯王储穆罕默德·本·萨勒曼(Mohammed bin Salman)过去数月被卷入涉嫌下令杀害华盛顿邮报记者贾迈勒·卡舒吉(Jamal Khashoggi)一案。

Mohammed Bin Salman, [the crown prince of Saudi Arabia (who has been) embroiled in controversy over the past few months for his alleged involvement in the brutal murder of Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi]

上面这么长实际上并不是一个完整句子,而都是用来修饰Mohammed Bin Salman的。

embroild表示“使卷入,使陷入(困境)”,英文解释为:to involve someone or something in a difficult situation. 用法:embroil sb/sth in sth/be embroiled in举个:

I became embroiled in an argument with the taxi driver.


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